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Default Re: Injury & Recovery Cheat Sheet

Hey guys, thanks for you input. Below are my suggestions.

Originally Posted by Aneirin View Post
Just noted something that I think was in your previous manouvres list as well, not sure whether it is right or wrong.

For hits in the face or head, it says that knockdown and stunning rolls are at -5 or-10 (hit locations face etc get -5, skill gets -10)

I suggest the following change:

[3] The skull gets an extra DR 2. Wounding modifier is ◊4. If you suffer a major wound, Knockdown rolls are at -10. Critical hits use the Critical Head Blow Table (B556). Exception: These special effects do not apply to tox damage.

[4] Jaw, cheeks, nose, ears, etc. If the target has open-faced helmet, ignore DR. If Major Wound. Knockdown rolls are at -5. Critical hits use Critical Head Blow Table (B556). Cor damage gets a ◊1.5 wounding modifier, and if it inflicts a major wound, it also blinds one eye (both eyes on damage over full HP). Random attacks from behind hit the skull instead. On front hit, roll 1d. 1 means skull [3] hit if attack is imp, pi, tbb. Otherwise itís a nose hit [15].

Better? Clearer?

Originally Posted by Captain Joy View Post
In "I'm hit, what now?" #11, you say "Roll 1d or number of months it takes for the injury to heal fully". I think that "or" should be "for".
Thanks, that was a typo!

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