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Default Re: [Game] Generate a Space Trader Setting

Originally Posted by tbrock1031 View Post
A: There are about a dozen sapient non-human races out there of extrastellar origin. Of these, only three are of the humanoid frame.

Q: What phenotypes make up the other nine alien races?
Nine's a lot to cover, so I'll do one now.

Communication hasn't been established with the "vacuum whales", so we can't be sure if they're sapient, but other indications point that way.

These are gigantic creatures only seen in the depths of the interstellar medium. They're sometimes glimpsed when a ship stops for navigational corrections, and there are stories of stranded jumpships being surrounded by the whales who then ferry the ship through jumpspace to the nearest inhabited system.

Other stories tell of what look like great battles occurring between armies of whales, but such tales are rare.

Of course, how these biologicals travel through jumpspace, how they know which systems are inhabited, and what they feed on in the interstellar medium are still mysteries.

If only we could communicate with them, we'd know what to try to sell them.

I'll leave the other 8 alien types up for grabs.

Question- Which company or planet makes the best jumpdrives and jumpships (from a free trader's point of view)?
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