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Default Re: Rulebook PDF Posted

Tackling the reference chart first, here's my nits:

1) I still think GEV rams on non-Ogre units (6.07.2) should attack with double the defense strength and not the attack strength, since rams are based on mass/momentum and not firepower. It really only affects GEV-PCs, but it really stands out to me.

2) On the Terrain chart, Town line, Wheeled units should indicate that D0 units become D1. I'm not sure if that line should be in the tracked units at all or not.

3) On the Terrain chart, Road or Bridge line, there needs to be an indication that the underlying terrain provides any applicable defense bonus. The statement "Units moving along the road ignore underlying terrain." implies that defense bonuses are also ignored, which I believe is not the case.

Otherwise, I think it looks good. Tomorrow I'll tackle the rulebook...
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