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Default Re: Injury & Recovery Cheat Sheet

Just noted something that I think was in your previous manouvres list as well, not sure whether it is right or wrong.

For hits in the face or head, it says that knockdown and stunning rolls are at -5 or-10 (hit locations face etc get -5, skill gets -10)

I found it a bit misleading as it doesn't mention that it is only a major wound to these areas that causes the penalty.

As read, it could be read that any injury that causes a shock penalty (1 point of damage) causes knockdown and stunning at a -10, which would mean head shots would be guaranteed to knock people down and probably put them unconscious (due to failing by 5 or more)

maybe a little rewording to make it clear that any shock to the head or causes a knockdown and stunning roll, but only at -5 or -10 if a major wound was caused.
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