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Default OGRE needs YOU: Worldwide MIB (Volunteers) Recruitment Drive

Hi everyone,

Further to my earlier post re UK MIBs, we're starting a worldwide recruitment drive for Ogre volunteers for our (wo)Men in Black (MIB) program.

This is great news, because it means we're getting things in place to roll out support for Ogre, when it hits the shelves next January. That huge Kickstarter campaign made all the difference!

We are doing some UK/Europe based prelaunch convention appearances this Summer/Fall and have a special need for UK/Germany MIBs, as soon as possible.

(Why the UK? Primarily because I'm over here, and it's a great opportunity to give this part of the Combine some love :)

We also need MIBs who know Ogre to... wait for it... link up with other MIBs in your area at cons, and teach them how to play Ogre! This is to help prepare them for the big 2013 launch.

You can sign up here:

Some extra guidelines:

- we expect MIBs to (eventually) be able to demo more than one SJG product. However, one core product is OK for MIBs new to the program, so don't let that stop you.

- MIBing is not about so much about getting rare goodies from SJG, but about the excitement and joy of being part of something bigger than ourselves - being a vital and connected team member for Ogre's big relaunch. Though (*whistle*) you probably WILL have the opportunity to get some sneak previews and other rare goodies :P

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