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Default Cussing in the Imperial Service

I read a thing a while ago by one of the writers of Deadwood, who said that all the cussin' in the actual Deadwood would have been blasphemy, not obscenity, but that if they had written it that way audiences wouldn't have got how shocking it was to contemporary sensibilities.

For a long time I have been unsatisfied by blasphemy and obscenity as cuss-words in the Imperial Service in Flat Black, where 85% of the people have no experience of religion, almost no-one is legitimate (as opposed to a bastard) in any discernible sense, and ******* and ******* are things you do with acquaintances when all the squash courts are booked.

So what is tabooed talk among Imperial servants? It struck me yesterday: violence and killing. "Nuke", "bomb", "kill".
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