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Default Re: Defense bonus and ATR

Originally Posted by sir_pudding View Post
What in real life do you think has Altered Time Rate?

That is just more ST (specifically about +5 ST). Altered Time Rate doesn't accelerate things by proportional force, it just accelerates things instantaneously by aphysical means. It isn't realistic at all.
Some kind of robot arms might. I wasn't really thinking about any specific real world thing though. What I was asking for concerned realistic consequences of such a hypotetical ability.

That depends on if you also buy extra ST like that for such a character. It is true that ATR by itself isn't consistent with acceleration of things by proportional force, but I'm not really asking about ATR by itself. I'm considering which traits should accompany ATR for such an ability and the subject of this thread is which Defense bonuses are realistically appropriate.

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