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Default Re: GURPS Releases seem to be slow?

Munchkin is still the king at Steve Jackson Games. I humbly acknowledge that my beloved GURPS is nowhere near being close to Munchkin in terms of net income it generates for the company. I know that they continue to produce GURPS because (1) it provides diversification to their income stream and (2) they love GURPS, so they want to support it.

Given how small GURPS is compared to Munchkin, I know they will focus on what brings in the most money. And given how many product lines they have in their RPGs, I know they'll spread their focus in the RPG production. So I know that, when they can spare people from Munchkin, they're going to see some "shotgun scattering" of products. Car Wars here, Ogre there, In Nomine, etc.

I like that they have these other income streams, it means I don't have to buy everything they produce (i.e., they have other fans who'll buy those product lines). It frustrates me that I can't buy more GURPS products as fast as I'd like, but I know they need to go wherever they can get an income stream with enough profitability.

So yeah. Less than a dozen new non-Pyramid GURPS items this year? I can accept that. Better that SJ Games, as a whole, does well, so they can continue to put out some GURPS products, than they focus primarily on GURPS and go out of business altogether.
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