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Default Re: [Basic] Advantage of the Week (#39): Daredevil, Luck, Super Luck

I once did both Ridiculous Luck and Super Luck (latter through an item) for a skill monger/ super agent in a high point Supers game. The ability to effectively AT WILL declare a crucial skill roll as a critical success was devastatingly effective, even if I could only do it maybe two times a session.

Lock Picking, Cryptography, International Finance at one point. All were good uses. Getting access simultaneously to several federal databases via favor trading, then having the hyper intelligent Gadgeteer do the grunt work of gathering and cross referencing all the data in a preliminary analysis, declaring Serendipity (twice), and THEN declaring a critical success on Intelligence Analysis...

Oh, that hidden conspiracy making life heck for the Supers of the world? Here's their entire funding structure in detail. Which we then made several Law rolls to emphasize legally actionable items before handing it off to the federal government. Serendipity was for making sure we got at least one of the critical bits of infrastructure that makes the whole thing work to begin with.

High levels of skill combined with high levels of Luck are frighteningly effective in GURPS. The only limits are the imagination of the PCs involved.
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