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Default Re: [Basic] Advantage of the Week (#39): Daredevil, Luck, Super Luck

Originally Posted by whswhs View Post
Well, in that case, forgive me, but it seems that all this discussion of what "luck" means in the real world is just BS. I don't even see why we're talking about it. The claim that there is something peculiar about the way *I* use the word is specious; the peculiarity is in the way GURPS used the word.
Luck means that you can reroll the occasional dice roll. In actual play, the way I've seen it used is mostly to prevent the grim randomness of reality from killing the PCs when they refuse to be average people and thus step again and again squarely into the path of the kind of risks that routinely kill most normal people.

Originally Posted by whswhs View Post
And if the effect of playing GURPS by the RAW, and keeping the actual results of dice rolls, is to produce a game that, in your opinion, no one could enjoy playing, because no character could survive more than a handful of sessions, and the necessary fix is to routinely give characters Luck so that the players can reroll catastrophic outcomes . . . well, that seems to me to be saying that GURPS rules are a failure. That's what I call "published rules that make a game unplayable unless you apply a fix to work around their problems."
Some characters are meant to die if they take a risk. One shot adventures, games where every player has many characters, etc. In every guide I've read how to make GURPS characters for ongoing campaigns with action-adventure elements, it's strongly recommended that they have Luck.

Basically, the protagonist of a single short scenario can get by without Luck, because it is entirely acceptable that he dies quickly. The protagonists of ongoing campaigns with action-adventure elements need Luck or a GM giving them the equivalent by shaping the world in their favour. Otherwise, the campaign won't be ongoing, at least not with the same protagonists.

Originally Posted by whswhs View Post
Now, my experience is that GURPS isn't that lethal. There are a lot of things in it that make death less likely. For example, there's the requirement of a failed HT roll to have injury actually result in death. Buy HT up to a modest 13, and you have a 50% chance of your character not dying till they get physically battered to death. Raise it higher than that, and you can take damage equal to 5x your HP (a 14d attack to center of mass) and expect not to die. Or you can leave HT lower and buy some Hard to Kill, or buy Very Fit.
That's only if the game isn't set in a remotely realistic world. Yes, you can ignore Bleeding rules and have injuries that are actually lethal without medical assistance just get better on their own, without any explanation, but that campaign switch does a lot more damage to my suspension of disbelief than giving protagonists Luck.

Using Bleeding rules, any injury to the Vitals. Neck, Skull or Vein/Arteries will usually be lethal if sustained under many typical adventuring conditions, i.e. a long way from a high-tech operating room.

It doesn't matter whether or not the death checks succeed when somebody is shot through the Vitals or Skull, if no one in the party can succeed at a Surgery check with -2 to -12 (before equipment modifiers), the character will die in minutes to hours.

In many Low-Tech games this is even worse. Replace 'shot' with stabbed and the case might be that no one in the entire world can actually help, because no one has Surgery that good, for one thing because the penalties from lacking tools are so severe. The character might be able to move and even fight, but he'll die nevertheless.

Note that I don't mind this being a possibility. I just prefer that characters have Luck so that this is a frightening possibility for PCs and something that happens to NPC, not a virtual certainty that will happen to PCs every few sessions, unless they don't act like PCs.
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