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Originally Posted by Skarg View Post
Light might seem trivial until you don't have another source, and I've seen many creative uses for it.
I agree Light spell is a must have even without being creative. Cast it first thing in your day and rest, then you have your light all day long.

Illusion is must for fights. Always my first spell to take.

Summon Myrmidon: need someone to open a trapped chest?

Reverse Missiles helps since archers like to target the wizard.

If your GM likes an occational cursed item, you will want: Detect Magic or Analyze Magic. Even if items are all useful, these steps can be helpful for you to find which are good items vs junk.

One more: Rope spell is great because it is a Creation spell (no loss of Dex to cast it) and it has an immediate -2 DX on the foe, plus forces them to loose at least one action to try to remove it. And if they ignore it, they quickly because incapable of doing anything.

When adventuring, whatever spells I go for, they need to be cheap. It is hard for a Wizard to have to rest after every spell during an adventure.

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