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Default Re: Dimensional Projection

Originally Posted by Anthony View Post
Not exactly; Projection doesn't give you the unkillable effect or the adaptation. If you want to do it RAW you'll have a messy build.

To get the unkillable effect, you'll either need a highly limited Unkillable, or you'll need to construct a duplicate with Construct and set up a mindlink with that duplicate). I would probably allow Construct (+60%) on Jumper with Projection (or other powers with Projection); this would give you a net of +35%.
To get the adaptation effect, you'll need either a bunch of advantages, or a limited Morph (only into a dimensional analog).
Who said anything about an unkillable effect?

Jumper (projection) doesn't explicitly give you the ability to survive on the plane. It does, however, give you an insubstantial form, which has a rather similar effect. It suggests using the insubstantial advantage to reverse this. As a GM, I'd argue that a physical body normalized to the plane is not notably better or worse than arriving insubstantial.

This body won't have a positive point cost. Almost everything can be built as a feature rather than an advantage. You don't burn up in the elemental plane of fire? that's because your optimal temperature range has been adjusted. a feature. You can breathe in the plane of water? good luck breathing air if you need to. That's a feature. And so forth.

Now, if you want the unkillable effect, yeah, lets go for duplicate (construct).
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