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Default Re: No Mention of Hireling Before Munchkin 4?


1) Rather than clutter up a bunch of sets with rules that you have to remember, you can only play Cheat! to use an extra Hireling-type card if the rules for the games that you are using allow for it.

2) Conversely, however, if you are playing with sets that have "generic" Hirelings that do not include the "only one Hireling at a time" rule, then you may have multiple Hirelings. Lucky you, if you can pull that off. If someone plays Kill The Hireling GUAL and you have multiple Hirelings, *they* get to decide which one dies, because they're the one doing the killing.

As a more generic guideline, don't apply rules from sets you aren't playing with at the time. That is far and away the easiest thing to do.
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