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Default Re: New Technique of the Week: plans and objectives

Originally Posted by Otaku View Post
1) I know you have a great Index for things like this, but at least while the series is new, it seems pertinent to link to this thread somewhere in the opening post.
2) Shouldn't there be a [Basic] Technique of the Week thread?
Most Basic Set techniques don't really seem complicated to me enough to justify individual threads. If there's something you want to ask about, please start a thread.
going through what was in [Basic] should really help those (again, like me), who probably need help grasping the finer points of technique design.
I'm not sure there are many "finer points." I'm just sticking to the rules above, and the general idea that the improvement you can get from a technique is usually a maximum of +4.
3) "New Technique" sounds like it still might be official. If it is just me (or very few other than myself), don't worry about it... but "Homebrew" or "Unofficial" or something similar seems like better titles for the series.
I'll have to get a moderator to change the existing thread titles. Sadly, I did this once today already, but I'll ask very nicely, once I've decided which word to use.
4) I know you explained the general premise above, but when explaining one's specific new Technique, explaining why it works better as a Technique than one of the other options seems like a good idea.
Fair point, I'll try to do that.

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