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Default Re: Vehicles and Weapons from Fantasy giving me problems

Originally Posted by tratclif
My resources on Mediterranean galleys are in paper, somewhere in the piles of paper around here, but the speeds for the galleys sound about right to me. Remember that top speed in the real world is proportional to the square root of the length (see wikipedia article, and galleys are always long vessels.
Fair enough, but I was under the impression that the sail plan was minimal.

Originally Posted by tratclif
I can't imagine a galley using both oars and sail at the same time outside of a fantasy novel. Under fast sail, I'd expect the ship to be heeled over, blocking some of the oarports on the lee side and unusably high on the windward side.
I'll take your word for it. In any event, I was imagining a small breeze and the rowers straining. You know, for a top speed record, not for any practical purpose.

Originally Posted by tratclif
The trireme would be under sail for long-range movement under good winds, but in combat would be only under oars.
That's why I feel that giving it stats which make using oars in combat inferior is somewhat strange. I have no trouble with it making better time under sail over long distances, but I feel it's strange that it can't reach higher speed for a minute or two while ramming under oars.
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