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Default Re: Vehicles and Weapons from Fantasy giving me problems

Originally Posted by Tinman
The only real question I have so far is: you keep refering to ship speeds in knots while their move is in standard YPS/MPH. Have you taken that into account?
Not really. I just multiplied their top speed in yards/second by two to get their speed in knots. On re-reading the relevant section in Campaigns, I see that this gives their speed in mph, which is slightly better (but not much, in case of the galleon and it's actively worse for the 'pirate ship').

I'll convert to proper knots in the original post.

Originally Posted by Tinman
PS: older (TL 4) vessels were hardier (less brakeable) against battle damage then newer ones with lighter construction & explosive/flamable propulsion systems.
They were built massively whilst 'newer' ships were built closer to the engineering 'envelope'. (Though for the rowboat vs. speed boat thats probably not relavant.)
Some older vessels were built strongly. Others were not, such as the roundship and dhow. In any event, momentum is momentum and not supposed to vary depending on the engineering style of the movable object.
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