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Default Re: This fighter requires the bonus DLC

Originally Posted by Say, it isn't that bad! View Post

AFAICT: A Klingon is using a Klingon pain stick on Worf. The setting is probably Star Trek: The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, or one of the movies.
Yes, it's a Klingon pain stick. Use this modifier:
Painstik: Adds pointy metal prongs of alchemically selected metals that cause a painful reaction on contact with a living being: Double the usual shock from the weapon's thrusting attack (to a limit of -8); High Pain Threshold reduces this to regular shock (-1 to -4), while Low Pain Threshold doubles it again (to a limit of -16!). Pressed into contact with a living subject who has no DR other than Tough Skin, this can inflict pain without injury. The victim must roll vs. HT, at +3 for High Pain Threshold or -4 for Low Pain Threshold. Failure inflicts a shock penalty equal to the margin of failure for as long as the stick remains in contact; critical failure causes agony (Exploits, p. 66) instead. Any baton, club, jo, knobbed club, long staff, quarterstaff, short baton, or short staff. +19 CF.
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