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Default Re: CMON is making Munchkin board games!

I'm assuming this is OK to post -- please delete if not.

No way to verify it and I am not affiliated at all, but there are a few details on play available through internetting:

"Each player will pick a class known from the original card game, and delve into a dungeon, with a randomly chosen boss monster at the end. Defeating it 3 times ends the game, but you also win by getting 20 Fame points.

The entire gameplay is divided into 4 phases. First has players walk deeper into the dungeon, while increasing the dangers they may have to face. In second phase everyone can play threat cards and make some unexpected events happen and monsters appear. Third phase is what everyone waited for: fighting monsters. Powerful items and high levels help a lot here. Successful players will be rewarded, while the unlucky ones sent back to the beginning. Fourth phase means looting the dungeon and getting rewards: from stronger weapons and increased stats to Fame points."

Found at

More details would have been nice but this makes me hopeful to have elements similar to Dungeon! (one of my favorite games.)
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