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Default Re: Do Skeletons decay?

Originally Posted by hcobb View Post
The game allows for that via the Zombie ring. (Just remember to fix the Zombie ring typo on page 153. Or would that be a house rule?)

Each enchanter and three apprentices produces a zombie ring each month so with only ten enchanters the Dark Lord has an army of 1200 Skeletons of 100 ST each after the first decade that all get wiped out by the first petard.
LOL well that's the thing. And then they looted all the zombie rings, and sold them at list price for $3.6 million silver.

There are many better things to do with your 1200 enchanter-team-months of work, and not many zombies (let alone skeletons) who are worth putting a zombie ring on, even if there was an army's worth of them for sale and you had the cash.

Except, maybe, if you go nuts exploiting the unspecified maximum ST of a zombie, and you find a corpse who had really high DX in life.
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