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Default Re: January 15, 2019: State Of The Ogreverse, 2019

Originally Posted by ColBosch View Post
My wish list:
  • Continued Ogrezine support - I'd love to see one of these every year, as long as the submissions and interest remain, with Omnibus POD versions every couple-three years.
  • Continued miniatures support - I really need to expand my Combine army, and the metals have gotten way too expensive...which is partly my fault, since I think I literally purchased half of the Ogre miniatures listed on eBay last year.
  • Another big-box expansion - At the very least, to get maps G2 and S2 into the hands of Sixth Edition players. Plus, the 6E folks need stuff like cruise missile crawlers.
I second every word of this. :)

From the DI post, "Would brand new, mounted G4 and S4 maps be of interest to anyone?" Given that I'm the one that put that bug in Steve's ear...pretty sure my vote on that one is a resounding "YES!"

Seriously though, it's been an honor to be part of Ogre's revivification these last two years...everything from spending too much money, to kibitzing with the community, to being selected as an author for 'Zine II. I wish I had a larger network of contacts, and/or more time to write, and/or even just more money to throw at it, to do more for the game...but hopefully that ameliorates over time. And hopefully my bright idea for the 2020 convention season comes to pass...
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