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Default Re: How do you all handle mounted combat?

Originally Posted by Skarg View Post
That's true, but if a horse had it's head in hex 1 and it's rear in hex 5, it could turn for 1 MA by moving its head to hex 7 with its rear following into hex 1.
Yes, that's true and it's the same movement cost of (head in 2, rear in 1) pivoting on its rear to end up (head in 7, rear in 1).

I would say "just add an extra 1 MA cost every time a horse changes directions" (which it can only logically do by 60 degrees while in mid-movement) but then you've got the situations where it's moving against the grain of the hexes.

This leads me back to my original suggestion of movement stopping if facing changes more than 60 degrees from the start of movement. After trying to create a visual aid for that, I realized "facing" isn't the best terminology as facing is so fluid during movement. Also, "movement stopping" might be a bit extreme. So maybe...

"If a figure's direction of travel changes by more than 60 degrees, remaining MA is halved"

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