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Default Re: How do you all handle mounted combat?

Originally Posted by platimus View Post
Back to the topic of horses and movement...

I'm curious if the way I handle horse movement is different from everyone else...

If a horse starts with both hexes adjacent to a megahex, how many moves does it take the horse to travel around the megahex and return to his starting hexes?

I count 12 moves. (6 if you replace the megahex with 1 hex)

Also, if you allow the horse to turn 360 degrees in-place by keeping its rear (or front) hex stationary, that also takes 6 moves.

Originally Posted by platimus View Post
All of this makes me wonder if we really need special rules to slow down a horse or restrict it's ability to turn.
The reason we need it is realism and avoiding cheesy run-around attacks and other abusive tactics. With quite high MA (typically 14-16) and the rider's ability to get carried for that full MA and still attack, cavalry can stay far out of enemy engagement range until it wins initiative. Then when it wins initiative, it makes the other side move first and then swoops in with its high MA (and not being engaged by single footmen), and takes side/rear attacks, also making pushes to knock some foes down.

Some of that feels appropriate and realistic enough, but not so much when it involves a horse moving 10-12 in a straight line plus another 4-6 in a sharp curve around people's front hexes to hit them in the side/rear. Something like it can also be done against other mounted figures. The part that feels really off is where the high MA is allowing essentially picking any hex withing 14-16 hexes to be in, and the fast straight-line movement with a tight hook at the end.
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