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Default Re: High tech armor vs Ultra-tech armor

Originally Posted by Fred Brackin View Post
If the "Advanced Body Armor" in HT is actually the Pinnacle Dragonskin then it is made of overlapping hexagonal scales. From a test I saw on TV DR of scales and vest should add up to at least DR17 or 7.62x39mm as said vest stopped a burst from an AK-47. Semi-ablative deterioration from multiple hits could well apply but that should apply to ceramic trauma plates as well.
Of course a design system for RPGs will never be detailed enough to make things exactly as in real life. So a small shift like that in DR is not really unusual.

But what the real DR of the Pinnacle Dragonskin is anyone's guess given that it has not passed NIJ testing. Though anecdotal evidence points to it actually likely being at least close to class III, but with uncertainly factors.

In a game I would likely treat is as an invention with bugs (as if it did not have bugs it likely would have passed).
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