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Default Dungeon Fantasy: Against the Rat-Men

We slew all the rats
But heck, if the price is right
We'll do it again!
— Greedy McLooter, respected adventurer
The Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game comes with an adventure, I Smell a Rat. And when the delvers have completed that, what then? The GM could design another scenario . . . or you could get Dungeon Fantasy: Against the Rat-Men.

While giving details would spoil the surprises, it suffices to say that Against the Rat-Men picks up where I Smell a Rat left off. The two are designed to be run back-to-back as a mini-campaign. But although the second adventure invokes aspects of the first to set the scene, it isn't a rerun – it offers new mysteries to solve, new enemies to fight, and new treasures to find.

Important Note: Against the Rat-Men was a stretch-goal item during the Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game Kickstarter campaign, so if you were a backer – or bought the Dungeon Fantasy Companion, which includes this adventure – you already have this content. Buying it again would be doing us a favor, but not your bank account.

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