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Default Lebel Mle 1886 Reconciliation

I notice that the French Lebel Mle 1886 has three different sets of stats.

High Tech, Pulp Guns and Adventure Guns all have different damage and range stats.

I occurs to me that the reason is the different times represented by the various books and the stupid long service life the rifle had.

Adventure Guns could be showing the round nosed Balle M.

Pulp Guns could be showing the spitzer Balle D.

High Tech could be showing the heavier spitzer Ball N.

I noticed something of the same with the Gew 1888 and Gew 1898 in Adventure Guns. Before 1903 or 1905 the proper round is the round nosed 7.92x57mm Patrone/88; after that it's the spitzer nosed S/Patrone.

There even seems to be stats differences between guns using .303 British Mk.I and Mk.II ball and the later Mk.VII ball!

I'd have loved it if someone had mentioned this in the text of the books rather than confusing my players with why some rifles with longer barrels have lower damage and shorter ranges.
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