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Originally Posted by GoblynByte View Post
But, again, there would be people who are into the idea. People who would normally pass entirely based on cost alone. The 8 people in my group, for example, for whom finances might be an issue. And this would encourage them to spend some money. On GURPS. Which is a good thing.
I can get behind selling the books separately - not a bad idea - but I can also say from actual play experience that as a player, I end up referencing DF2 far, far more often than DF1.

I need the character templates and creation instructions once, maybe twice, in a campaign, and again if I end up with a lot of points to spend and don't have a plan in place for where to spend them. I need the equipment chapters a bit more often, but generally not more than once for each trip back to town; during the adventure, I'll only occasionally need to reference how a given potion or power works.

By contrast, DF2 is the book that has all of the systems for actually using the skills on the character sheet. I'll reference that (or the Basic Set) multiple times per session, for everything from acrobatics to attack options to climbing rules. It's the 'how to do' for everything.

With Exploits filling the niche of both Basic Set and DF2 for DFRPG, that's the book that I'd far rather have in the hands of every player at the table.
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