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Default Re: [Basic] Advantage of the Week (#38): Dark Vision, Night Vision

Originally Posted by Anthony View Post
Does that mean colorblind, or does it also mean you cannot distinguish black from white?
I have always assumed "cannot distinguish black from white". There's something in CGI called a "clay render" for fast blocking out of scenes and demonstrating arrangements of stuff - where everything is made out of a simple matte light-grey material that's quick to render but shows shadows and shapes acceptably well. No colors, no polish, no reflections, no transparency.
I've always pictured Dark Vision as being like that: surfaces, but no information ABOUT those surfaces except geometry, and as if there's an unnatural ambient light source from nowhere in particular, so no shadows.
When I think about it for a few seconds, the other way I picture it is as a depth map, which is another visualization method from CGI, where white is "near" and black is "far" and everything else is shades of grey between indicating distance from the camera.

Here, let me create some concrete pictures!
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