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Default Re: [Basic] Advantage of the Week (#38): Dark Vision, Night Vision

Originally Posted by vicky_molokh View Post
Infravision, Ultravision and Hyperspectral Vision seem to be a somewhat different group.
Because they are scientifical alternatives for our regular common vision, ie, they are possible in the real world, and work with the same physical properties as our "normal" vision; the only difference is that they are on different wave spectrums.

Dark Vision is a super-natural sense, which means that it is a purely fantasy idea, non real, like insubstanciality. It is a COMPLETELY unreal "sense" that can SEE without light, just as if there were light. Period. No further explanations required, because it is NOT a scientific explainable phenomena; just deal with it as if it were normal, regular vision, but in total dark instead. It is the supernatural vision of vampires and demons; there is NO scientific explanations of why they can do it; they just do... Because they are just imaginary beings, without real life substance to impose the boring "natural laws" on them.

If you REALLY need some kind of pseudoscientific technobabble to back it up, you could say that Dark Vision works on "mana wavelenght", or that it enables vision of "ethereal light", or is some kind of vision sense that detects some kind of cosmic rays of some other mambo jambo like that... Whatever, as long as it enables the creature to SEE (with its eyes or whatever organ it have to detect light) at total dark as if it were light, you can say it is some kind of unknow energy.

It is no more strange than the vast majority of Detect how does it work something like Detect Evil? Answer... Magic!

Thats the problem with Magic... It makes all answers be... Well... Magical... Which isn't REALLY an answer
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