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Default Re: [Basic] Advantage of the Week (#34): Destiny

I actually really like Destiny, and took it on my favorite GURPS character I ever played, a Dungeon Fantasy cleric; I took the max level of it, Great Destiny (because go big or go home :P ).

I never took any tangible benefit from the advantage itself - no bonuses to rolls, or anything like that. I also used a variant on the blessed advantage (in the form of praying to my deity), to get premonitions to help the GM push me along on the "right" path to reach my destiny, whatever it was.

I seriously didn't expect anything except a truly incredible and meaningful end to my character (I had a feeling my destiny would eventually kill me, whatever it was, so I was prepared for it). But regardless, I was just looking forward to the thing my PC would eventually do, whatever it was. I really think this should mostly be considered a RP advantage, taken because you want to make sure you do something great, or must struggle through a bad rap for a failure on your part.
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