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Default Re: GURPS Overhaul - MinST

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"If not using GURPS Martial Arts: Technical Grappling, any Ready weapon starts with Grip CP equal to the maximum for the character's ST, which is 0.5xST (round up) if one-handed, ST if two-handed. If this is reduced due to a weapon being Unsteady, the character can recover with a Ready Maneuver, which regains half this amount (round up), or a successful roll against weapon skill +4, which regains a quarter (round up). So, an ST 14 character wielding a halberd (MinCP 18) would have start with CP 14. After two attacks, this would drop to 4. A Ready would be +7 CP, for CP 11. A successful roll against Polearm +4 (say, as part of a Rapid Strike) would be good for +4 CP, for CP 8."

Would that work for the latter?
methinks so, maybe.

As for the tables, that's just number crunching (boring) and layout (boring... and I don't actually know how to do PDF layouts like the GURPS weapons tables).
Me neither, but Microsoft Office seems to know how to do it. The PDFs it spits out are basically crap, but tolerable. I'd hope pyramid has a template for this, but maybe they don't.

I'm afraid you'll just have to go to my profile, click on the Statistics tab, and go to "Find all threads started by Varyon."
It's less complicated to Advanced Search you by Username.
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