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Originally Posted by Dwarf99 View Post
It'd be awesome to see some revised weapon tables in a Pyramid, or something that doesn't require Tactical Grappling to figure out (where you just explain everything was derived from TG and chunk out the tables or something).
"If not using GURPS Martial Arts: Technical Grappling, any Ready weapon starts with Grip CP equal to the maximum for the character's ST, which is 0.5xST (round up) if one-handed, ST if two-handed. If this is reduced due to a weapon being Unsteady, the character can recover with a Ready Maneuver, which regains half this amount (round up), or a successful roll against weapon skill +4, which regains a quarter (round up). So, an ST 14 character wielding a halberd (MinCP 18) would have start with CP 14. After two attacks, this would drop to 4. A Ready would be +7 CP, for CP 11. A successful roll against Polearm +4 (say, as part of a Rapid Strike) would be good for +4 CP, for CP 8."

Would that work for the latter?

As for the tables, that's just number crunching (boring) and layout (boring... and I don't actually know how to do PDF layouts like the GURPS weapons tables). If you have Excel (or OpenOffice Spreadsheet, this should work there too), the following will get you a template for plugging in your own weapons.
			1h		2h		1.5h	
	Weight	Reach	ThrCP	SwCP	ThrCP	SwCP	ThrCP	SwCP
Balanced	3	1	=2*(B3*(1+0.05*C3))^0.5	=2.4*(B3*(1+0.1*C3))^0.5	=D3*1.5	=E3*1.5	=D3*1.7	=E3*1.7
Unbalanced	=B3	=C3	=2*(B4*(1+0.15*C4))^0.5	=2.4*(B4*(1+0.3*C4))^0.5	=D4*1.5	=E4*1.5	=D4*1.7	=E4*1.7
Replace the 3 and 1 under BalancedxWeight and BalancedxReach respectively, with your numbers, and the spreadsheet will spit out the MinCP's. You'll need to round up, of course.

I'm still debating on exactly how I should handle whips. I'm actually considering allowing characters to build up to twice their personal maximum CP solely for the purpose of striking with the whip, then losing all of the extra once they attack. So, a 7 yard whip is 14 lb and MinCP 12 (it's a balanced weapon, despite the Parry U). An ST 11 character (RAW 7 yard whips are MinST 11) normally has maximum one-handed Grip CP of 6. A Ready will get him an average of 3 CP (half maximum), so two Ready maneuvers build him up to CP 12 and enough to properly use the weapon. He strikes, and drops back down to 6, then has to take another two Readies before he can strike at full skill again. For a 3 yard whip, a character with ST 7 (RAW 3 yard whips are MinST 7) has one-handed Grip CP 4. A 6 lb whip requires 7 Grip CP, so two Ready Maneuvers get him there. Overall, this matches decently well with the Basic Set trend of long whips requiring two Ready maneuvers between attacks, and it has the added (cinematic) bonus of allowing very strong characters to wield whips without this delay - an ST 23 fellow could strike with a 7-yard whip every second!
EDIT: Actually, I think I rather like this idea, and have put it "officially" in the list of optional rules. Allowing it for weapons other than whips could also be neat, serving to match the current rules for ‡ weapons.

Originally Posted by McAllister View Post
Varyon, where do you keep all your overhauls? Some of them I like and some of them I like a lot, and I'd be delighted if I could have a compendium.
I don't have any sort of site or blog, so all my Overhauls are here. If you scroll to the bottom of the page, you'll note that I've tagged this thread with the tag "overhaul." This is true of all my Overhauls, and I'm the only one (currently) using that tag, so just click on that and you can see all of them. Note this is only for the houserules I've explicitly labelled Overhauls - there are a lot of my weird little bits that I haven't (yet) classified as such. For those, I'm afraid you'll just have to go to my profile, click on the Statistics tab, and go to "Find all threads started by Varyon."

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