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Default Re: GURPS Russia Hedge Magic article

Reading that, I'm reminded again of the idea of applying that to various other craft skills like Smith, Armory, Jeweler ('Three rings for the elven kings under the sky...'), or Engineer. It seems like the way to make Hedge Magic Items, but the system involved is rather freeform and more GM-dependent than most Magic Item Creation systems in GURPS. There's little or nothing for the GM to refer to, if allowing Hedge Magic Items at all. OTOH, it's consistent with how Tolkien's magic items seem to be created (they aren't 'magic' exactly, just very well-made, by people who know some aspects of the Secrets of the Universe). I'd be inclined to use Hedge Magic in an Epic Fantasy game, especially one set in something like Middle Earth.

Personally, I'd allow it, but how good the item is depends on how well you roll when creating it, how much extra effort you put in, and how epic or mythic is the player's description of the act of creation, backstory of the components, et cetra. Very freeform, every magic item is unique. What do you think?

On a related note, how different would GURPS Banestorm be, if Hedge Magic were the main magical system in Ytarria? Would that be interesting enough to bother making a thread for it?
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