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Designer Notes
I'm tried to build a whole group around the same level and ability limits, with different specialties for each.

Angel has a minor ability to understand high society from he upbringing. Otherwise he's mostly a flying wildcard with the ability to fly and have 48 points worth of stuff he can justify by flapping his wings. Generating buffeting winds, using his wings as strikers, carrying extra weight, swooping for extra punch damage, and the like are all covered by his wildcard. Yea, and he can bankroll whatever the team needs.

Beast is more like the film version, in that he has a tendency to get excited and sprout claws, fangs, blue fur, and go a bit ape. He's the resident team scientist/detective (but not inventor) while also being the muscle.

Cyclops is a blaster and natural soldier. He's obsessed with getting it right so no one gets hurt. Voted most likely to whip teens into soldiers, he has a talent and wildcard making him a bit of a expert in that. In his spare time he maintains is pretty amazing IA skill. I called "visor" a -10% limit. His AAs are only available with it. I called "glasses/visor" a -10% limit on his primary cone since that's what he has without the visor. Without any protection, his attack converts to "always on whenever he opens his eyes" which is also a somewhat bad if rare thing.

Iceman is an alternate blaster with a variety of different attack forms. He can bind people, create areas where it's hard to see, create slicks on the ground, decrease the temperature, produce ice barriers, produce mass amount of ice, or just blast people with ice and snow. He also is a but tougher and more mobile than Scott.

Marvel Girl is the last of the group. In the comics she mostly relied on her TK abilities, but most of her points there are in telepathic abilities. She provided team protection against enemy psi, can mind probe targets, can rely instructions from Scott to everyone mentally, project false images to one target, and even daze/sleep targets. She's also the "peace keeper" among the boys and for the boys when necessary. I didn't ratchet up her influence modifiers, but that's certainly possible as well.
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