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Originally Posted by DreadDomain View Post
Is this version not taking KYOS into account? It seems strange that Thor would hit with Mjolnir for 9d+2 and Iron Fist for 12d or 24d
Yes, I gave him higher damage as a trade off for the relatively few uses he gets. I consider it somewhat balanced by the fact that Thor can swing Mjolnir all combat long without hardly breaking a sweat. IF passes out after 14 swings of 12d uses or 2+ uses of his mega fist. Even with deceptive strike, it could be a challenge for him to get a solid hit on big bad before he runs out of fatigue. This isn't necessarily "realistic" and you could lower the damage to more acceptable levels.

For example, in the Wakanda battle, he could have made a few useful strikes where Thor has both the ability to wipe out mass targets and go toe to toe with the big guys for as along as he needs to.

I did not (but probably should have) include Ultrapower on any of these write ups. Thor and IF could have both had them. Thor would have been capable of super feats of storm and strength while IF wouldn't need his 24d at all. He could use Ultrapower instead when he needs to break things like a helicarrier (yea, happened, didn't really make sense). I'll probably go back and adjust them at some point.
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