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Victor Doom
140 ST 24* BL 500
40 DX 12
130 IQ 18 Per 12
30 HT 13
Speed 6.25

54 Affliction 5 (Electrified Armor; AP/10 +200%; Aura +50%; Max Duration 15 sec -75%; Melee -30%; Stunning 0%)*
50 Ally Group (Doombots, 50% value; 21-50, base 20, 12- x2; Minion +50%)
20 Charisma 4
60 Damage Resistance 20 (Cannot wear armor -40%)*
4 Damage Resistance +20 (Cannot Wear Armor -40%; Force Field +20%; Max Duration 15 sec -75%: AA: Affliction)*
14 Doesn’t Breathe (Storage x100 -30%)
20 Diplomatic Immunity
10 Enhance Move 2 (Flight; Max Speed 48 yds/sec; Max Duration 15 sec -75%)
25 Extra Life
30 Flight (Space +50%; Max Duration 15 sec -75%)
25 Gadgeteer
5 Gizmo
8 IA: 8d cr (Force Bolts; AA: Affliction)
6 IA: 2d burn (Focused Laser; AP/10 +200%; AA:Affliction)
5 Independent Wealth 5
1 Perk: Flashlight
1 Perk: Hard Fists
1 Perk: Inbuilt radio
5 Pressure Support
35 Rank 7 (Ruler of Latveria)
15 Sealed*
5 Single Minded
0 Status 5 (+3 from Rank and +2 from Wealth)
40 Talent – Artificer 4
75 Wealth (Millionaire 1)
5 Vacuum Support*
90 Wild Talent 3 (Wild Ability +50%)

36 Brawling-14 (DX+2) [4]; IA-14 (DX+2) [4]; Inventor!-18 (WC) [24]; Science!-16 (WC-2) [4]

985 Total

Designer's Notes
This is "playable" version of Doctor Doom that could fit into a campaign with a point value range of 750 (trimming) - 1k (adding). This is obviously not the movie version (which no one seems to like anyway).

Doom always wears his armor and it's basically impossible to remove it or destroy it without killing him. I marked what abilities he looses with an * if that somehow does happen. His ST also drops to 14.

Although his Affliction is the most powerful ability, Doom relies on his concussive blasts as a primary attack form. Part of that is pride (he's views himself as above the fray, merely disciplining his inferiors) and partially because using either the Affliction or the Force Field will disable the whole AA until it recharges (5 min, as per max duration).

Doom's flight is also somewhat weak. The duration lasts just long enough to get him to max speed then break before running.

Doom does have a higher IQ than Reed, but mostly because he displays a much better grasp of engineering, a much larger variety of skills, and the lack of the other advantages (Intuition, Lightning Calculator, Eidect Memory, Fast Gadgeteer) that allow Reed to perform feats that Doom can't as well as avoid mistakes better. I also further differentiated talents and wildcards making Reed good at the science while Doom is better at applications. Doom invents. Reed explores.

Doom also isn't above conventional munitions and has access to military grade weaponry - any military grade weaponry. That pistol on his hip probably isn't just a luger, either.

After reading the recent thread for Rank, I put Doom at Rank 7 (national ruler) and also gave him Diplomatic Immunity. Usually when he's bumming around others, he's not in charge of the country, so that could probably be dropped.

I didn't stat out rare abilities (magic use, mind swap, spectral vision, etc). Instead, I gave him Wild Talent for rare abilities (one use, 30 points) and misc skills. I also didn't give him a gadget pool, though, he could probably use one to build slow specialized gadgets.

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