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Originally Posted by PK View Post
Yeah . . . and unlike Mongoose's take on Paranoia, I have heard their take on Traveller is not the best version. (Which is good, because I'm broke as heck right now and shouldn't have even picked up that Paranoia bundle.)
Mongoose Traveller is a very different system from GURPS Traveller, but seems to me to be a re-balanced and slightly modernized reboot of Classic Traveller, e.g. with random character creation, 4-year career units, and so forth. Just apparently trying to avoid any skewing there might be in Classic, in terms of favouring military careers and giving short shrift to non-military ones.

If forced to choose I wouldn't hesitate to be a player in a Mongoose Traveller campaign rather than a Classic Traveller campaign. But while I find the lifepath concept interesting, I really prefer choice-based and point-based character creation.
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