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Default Re: What could a D&D like setting realistically look like?

Originally Posted by Edman View Post
Since RAW in the setting is that the only way to gain power is to survive traps and kill monsters, you get some very unrealistic problems. A high-level Wizard with a high INT will be more skilled at pottery than the greatest master in the town (assuming an INT of 14, Favoured Class Bonus and 1-3 ranks), despite never having touched unmagical mud one day in his life. The same goes for being able to survive falls and the like. The setting is flawed at its heart, is what I'm trying to get at.

GURPS, on the other hand...
I understood a great deal of this to be part of what was dismissed by asking about a realistic D&D-like setting. 5E seems to present milestone-based progression as a pretty clear optional rule anyway.

It could nevertheless be interesting to explore the kinds of economies and social rules which would arise from the level-by-killing rules. Any heirs would likely be required to spend time adventuring, ideally reaching level 20 before ascending to the throne. Kings would commission tiered dungeons for their armies to "train" in. The dungeons low-level adventurers enter might be designed by non-profits seeking to provide educational opportunities for non-royals, even having in-game Dungeon Master wizards. Prices would be heavily geared towards the demand for arms and armor, much as college is super-expensive today, given that they are essential to anyone's proper education.

Oh, and if we're going by D&D rules this thoroughly, given which classes emphasize charisma, Warlocks, Bards, and Sorcerers would likely rule the world.
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