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Default Re: Gambling in 2100?

Originally Posted by Phil Masters View Post

Where Blackjack - random to casual play, susceptible to a certain kind of skill - falls is anyone's guess, but in any event, I too suspect it's a dead game by 2100. Implants and brainbugs would just make it too easy to become a card counter.
What's to stop casinos from just putting even more decks into the shoe and/or shuffling more often?

Originally Posted by jeff_wilson View Post
Er, the second I is for implant, there's no screen.
I don't think it matters if there's a virtual screen either.

The "other assistive technologies" include immersive VR, offline (or online) coaching, adjustable speed with progressive acceleration, lots of scenarios to practice in, endlessly patient virtual dealers and players, ....
None of which makes you care enough to learn if you don't have any interest in it. It's something you can teach yourself now with a deck of cards at whatever speed you want. Most people don't do it.
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