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Default Re: [LT] Monstrous Bow SM+3

Originally Posted by Seneschal View Post
The flat damage bonus to bows is independent of strength, and seems to depend on bow construction and material - e.g. a short selfbow has thr imp, a reflex composite bow has thr+3 imp, whether they're rated for ST 6 or 60. If you enlarge a bow simply to take advantage of higher ST, would this number increase as well, or is it a flat bonus?
The bonus isn't flat, you multiply it for *1,5 for each size increase, so, you increased it 3 times is 3*1,5=4*1,5=6*1,5=9
So, it's Thr+9 imp

Originally Posted by Seneschal View Post
Is it possible to devise a steel bow of the "long" variety, i.e. with Acc 3 (without it being Accurate)? Or is that an exclusive property of reflex and longbows? If so, what causes it? Could you make a "metal reflex bow" if you somehow laminated steel with other metals?
Game history, actual bows have Acc 2 at best.

Originally Posted by Seneschal View Post
The cost seems to inflate ridiculously. The SM+3 entry on the table gives a weight/cost multiplier of x12.25, so a scaled-up tubular bow (2 lb., $900) would weigh 24.5 lb. and cost $11,025 (!!). The price of steel in the region we're currently in (where it's rare enough that bronze is used instead) is about $20-30/lb.; therefore, the raw materials costs come to about $490 of steel (and a little something for the drawstring), while the labor costs somehow bloom into the tens of thousands for a mundane, non-fine weapon purely because it's big.
That's right, I would probably ask even more since it's an unique weapon.
A tubular bow is very hard to make, that's why the cost.
The weight is also correct.

Originally Posted by Seneschal View Post
What kind of arrows would such a monstrosity use? Do I scale their weight and cost with the same x12.25 that I use for the weapon?
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