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Q: How do Jets (the attack enhancement and weapon type) work?

Originally Posted by Kromm View Post
Jet simply turns your Innate Attack into a 10-yard melee weapon that cannot parry or be parried, and that inflicts only half damage past five yards. It's +0%, despite pathetic range, because it lets you Feint, use AOA (Double) from a safe distance, make a Rapid Strike, etc. It's worth more than Melee Attack because, relative to that modifier, it gives spectacular Reach and can't normally be parried. There's no assumption of being able to strike multiple targets unless you use AOA (Double) or Rapid Strike, but note that High-Tech allows AOA (Jet) for flamethrowers, and this lets you engage lots of foes at a cost in damage.
Originally Posted by Kromm View Post
You can use any option that works with a melee attack. It's a melee weapon, in every sense. It just can't parry (but then, neither can some melee weapons).
A note on Critical results in attack/defence:
Originally Posted by Kromm View Post
Treat it just like a melee attack, except that when you "unready," "drop," "throw away," or "break" a jet, it goes out and you have to spend time reactivating it. Most of the other results are quite sensible: a jet user could shoot himself by mistake, or even overreach himself so badly while tracking his target that he becomes unbalanced, falls, or strains something.
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