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Default Re: Another 2000 Things I Am No Longer Allowed To Do In An RPG

Originally Posted by Irish Wolf View Post
RE: 507(e):

If they're locking pliers, that could work, although with a substantial penalty to any control rolls. I mean, as long as you can turn the steering column, you can turn the wheels; the steering wheel just makes it easier and more intuitive.
Can confirm, driving a car with locking pliers (or an adjustable wrench) in place of steering wheel is possible, though definitely at a significant penalty. I'd call it -5 for the locking grips, -7 for the adjustable wrench (it tightens down enough but is more likely to slip loose). Shave a point or two off the penalty if you have two of them, and there's room to attach both — gives you a much better grasping area.
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