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Default Loot Letter - Net Troll

Hi - does anyone have further info on discards required by the Net Troll?

Specifically, if playing a Net Troll against a player forces them to discard the Loot card (lose if discarded), they lose the hand, correct?
So in this case the action of the card which is discarded is enacted.

If that is correct, is the behaviour different for other Net Troll forced discards - meaning that if the Net Troll forces a discard of a Duck of Doom, for an example - do two players compare hands? Or, is no action taken because it was a forced discard?

Need some clarification on whether the action on a card discarded via Net Troll is always taken, or only sometimes taken (in the case of the Loot card). Thoughts? Or, do I have to ask AEG?
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