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Default Re: Cabal Magic question

Originally Posted by Lameth View Post
Do these objects need to be crafted in a special way or by the ritualist himself?
Not by the rules as presented in Cabal or Thaumatology (which has the 4e updates for the decanic modifiers system). However, those rules also allow bonuses for materials to go higher if they are "rare or difficult", and I'd be inclined to allow that increase for items that not only invoke all the correspondences, but were also made specifically by the caster, or appropriately constructed by someone knowledgable in ritual. I probably wouldn't allow every modifier to go up to +2, though. Maybe just increase the overall modifier by +1. So, again using the Decanic Focusers article for an example, if you're casting a Light and Darkness spell and you've got the pendant I mentioned before, it gives you +4. But if you carefully crafted that yourself, or had a crafter skilled in the appropriate rituals do it for you, it could give you +5.
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