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Default Re: [Game] Generate a military sci-fi setting

Originally Posted by TGLS View Post
Current Species List
1) Bahz (Gamblers)
2) Khorchon (Complicated Dominance System)
3) Chekta (Uplifted Rabbit-Like)
4) Cicads (Insectoid Gas Giant Dwellers)
5) Klaflhan
Seven More.
That's a good list to have. Thanks. I went back and looked at at them a bit more to understand what we have.

The number of species is unspecified, though the number of "Civilizations" is: 8 of them are certainly in, and there are 4 more you can debate about whether or not they are civilized.

The remnants of the ark's automation probably count as one of the four debate civilizations.

Chekta are not uplifted for sure, only possibly, and they wouldn't count as a civilization by themselves. So that drops our civilization count down.

We have two alternative biochemistries so far! Cicads live in gas giants with all the strangeness that implies, and Klafhans breathe out Cyanides. I'm not sure if they are aquatic or not. I like that so far though!
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