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Default White Witch Jadis goes to 1940s Europe and allies with the Nazis, A Narnia RPG Idea.

"As the cold hearted White Witch, Tilda Swinton sets the tempo for this bracing adventure. She is a pristine picture of evil, like the spectre of Nazism that forces the children out of London to the sanctuary of a country manor."

Blond, blue-eyed Jadis travels to the world where the Pevensies came from. There she finds a willing ally in the form of Nazi Germany. Knowing that his first name is deprived from the German word for wolf, her first gift to the Fuhrer is a stable of talking, intelligent wolves that can act as spies. Her presence causes unseasonal changes in the weather for the allies on the front, strange winters and snowstorms even in the south Pacific.

How do the Allies respond? What help could England, the country of the Lion, receive from Aslan?

If she is not stopped, then the world could potentially become another Reich world.

Any more ideas?
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