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Default Re: Memorable Quotes.

The game had loads of funny lines this week.

Alistair: “So, you’re telling me that the deathclaw burger is an everlasting gobstopper.”

Wells (OOC): “You want to cast schematic on a cosmic rock . . . you’re braver than I.”

GM: “There a bunch of warning lights on the bridge.”
Pinky: “Like a check engine light?”
GM: “Pretty much, yes. The hyperdrive is listing an overload, and needs to recalibrate in zero gravity.”
Sherry (OOC): “One of them says ‘Tilt.’”

Sherry (OOC): “By ‘anti-nausea medication’ she means she’s going to join Todd [in the bar].”

Pinky: “Deathclaw doesn’t taste any different coming back up.”

Alistair: “We’ll stay traditional: I’ll spoof them, you land the ship in a corn field in Iowa.”

Pinky: “We just need to drop leaflets.”
Alistair: “Yeah, we’ve got stacks of Thousand-Year-Reich propaganda – make it Idaho.”

Pinky: “Do you want us to come down there and probe you or not?”

Alistair: “Aliens II, Electric Boogaloo was the best one!”

Pinky: “You’re going to wipe his memory, right Sherry?”

Alistair: “There are more things on Heaven and Earth, Horiatio—“
Pinky: “Why are you quoting Brittney Spears at me?”
Alistair: “Oh, now that’s just wrong!”

Pinky: “I can see why you called me up here—this is fun.”
Alistair: “It’s not every day you get to be ‘The Great and Powerful Oz.’”

Todd: “Can we do that? Can I just shoot him in the leg?”
Sherry: “Play nice.”

Alistair: “Like Christopher O’Riley discovering the West Indies.”
Pinky: “Who?”
Alistair: “The man who discovered the new world.”
Pinky: “No, that was Beyonce!”
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