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Default Re: January 2, 2020: Are These The Most Important 100 Games Of The Decade?

Originally Posted by Ronbo View Post
I'm enjoying reading this. But to be honest, I'm down to #60, and a lot of these posts don't sound like they're about the *play* of the game so much as the meta. Maybe he did play all 100 games enough to have an opinion about them, and maybe he didn't. But for instance, the game 504. It seems to be on the list because it was an interesting idea. He doesn't have anything to say about what it's like to play it, just what the reception was and what it might be a jumping-off point for, for future game design.
I agree, this list looks like the "meta" as you call it. The information is such that the person may or may not have played the games "blurbed".

It's also overwhelmingly disappointing that Cards Against Humanity is ranked #2 on a list that doesn't even include Twilight Struggle AT ALL.
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