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Default Re: Creating "nukes" with the Blast spell?

Originally Posted by xane View Post
The first Blast Trap would destroy the bolt, so the others would not go off as the bolt no longer exists.
Hmmm, perhaps. Yet I see no reason to assume each of the spells wouldn't be triggered simultaneously, as long as each of the triggering conditions was met simultaneously.

Say one Blast Trap doing 1+1 damage is placed on an item with the trigger condition being it gets picked up by anyone with green hair. Then a second BT spell for 1+1 damage is placed on the same item, set to go off if it's touched by anyone with red eyes.

But if a green-haired person with red eyes happens to grab the item, wouldn't they take 2+2 damage?

Alas, no way to test it in reality! And maybe that's a good thing...

Originally Posted by xane View Post
The purpose of allowing multiple Blast Traps is to set multiple conditions, not deliver more damage.
The rules forbid multiple triggering conditions for the same spell, while not saying anything against placing the same condition on each of the different spells.

It is after all a spell intended to cause an item do as much harm as the caster can put into it, so "more damage" is not inconsistent with the intent of the spell.
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