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Default Re: 4th WWII Vehicle conversion

Originally Posted by FeiLin View Post
Also, the HPs for 3rd were about 10 times higher whereas the DR were maybe 30% higher, and weapons seemed to my untrained eye of roughly the same size, so does PD have that great impact or are there other explanations for this difference?
The authors of the WWII line had idiosnycratic ideas anout vehicle armor and direct conversions from the WWII line to other parts of Gurps (either 3e or 4e) do not work well.

Anywhere else in Gurps (3e or 4e) 25mm of Rolled Homogenous Alloy or RHA equals DR 70 and no conversion is neccesary.

Don't worry about PD. It has vanished from Gurps and no note of its' passing need be taken. It's just gone.
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