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Default Re: Comment my megacorporation

Let's see if I understand this thread.

Alonsua has a megacorp in his game. When it is pointed out that such a corporation would run afoul of antitrust legislation in the US (and other places FWIW) Alonsua goes in two directions.

One is to take over a small island, the two small islands proposed belong to Canada and Norway. When it is pointed out that Canada and Norway would object to having those islands taken away from them and possibly involving NATO, of which both Norway and Canada are members. Then the solution is to throw money at the problem with the megacorp suddenly spending more money than NATO on defense and the 28 nations of NATO not reacting in any way to the emerging issue that a corp building up it's military muscle. Oh, and the corp has advanced tech and combat robots and stuff and NATO and the world remain ignorant of that until the tech suddenly emerges on the world stage.

The other is to basically take over the US using the legal framework already in place. When problems with that are pointed out the proposed solution is again to throw money at the problem which somehow through magic or something is supposed to get the megacorp enough representatives to suddenly change US law at every level at it's whim. And the population of the US will do nothing about it, let alone the rest of the world?

Did I miss anything?
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